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Flash slideshow: Asian cultural fusions

Asian cultural fusions
(Flash slideshow)

Photos by Karin Higgins, Debbie Aldridge and stockxpert. Produced by Susanne Rockwell.

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Asian Pacific Culture Week

The people who consider themselves “Asian Pacific Islanders” hail from countries that ring half the world, from Hawaii to Afghanistan. And their cultures are many and rich.

This week, April 20-25, UC Davis students will present a variety of cultural programs designed to educate and celebrate this diversity. Activities range from music, dance and food to programs that confront contemporary issues in the community.

These include a program on “Minorities within minorities” to understand identities that fall under the label “queer/LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning)”; how to deal with the law when you are in trouble; and depression due to the recession.

To learn more about the week, visit the Asian Pacific Culture Week page and watch our slideshow.