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UC Davis Centennial
100 years of service, solutions, impact

Looking Back

UC Davis historical timeline



A proposal for a dairy school in Kings County is introduced to the Assembly by R. Holtby Myers and provokes discussion, but it fails to pass.


Peter J. Shields drafts a bill proposing a State Dairy School and Experimental Farm. The bill passes the Legislature but is vetoed by Gov. George Pardee because it is "too narrow."


The Legislature passes a comprehensive bill authorizing the regents of the University of California to acquire land and establish a University Farm School. The bill is signed into law by Gov. Pardee.


Davisville selected as location for University Farm. George Pierce, Jr., the first University of California graduate from the Sacramento Valley, rallies local boosters to contribute land and water rights.


Davisville renamed Davis in order to avoid confusion with Danville.

The Legislature appropriates $132,000 for buildings and equipment; construction begins on the first four campus structures. The University Farm is dedicated on Oct. 29.


Image: 1908 animal short course

Farmers' short courses are first offered in October.


Image: 1909 North Hall

The University Farm School opens in January with 18 students. On May 22, more than 2,200 people attend the first Picnic Day. A student dormitory, North Hall, is dedicated.