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UC Davis Centennial
100 years of service, solutions, impact

UC Davis stories

Photo: Jeff Percels

Proof-reading The Aggie

Alumnus Jeff Percels remembers the 3 a.m. sessions in the basement of Freeborn where he and friends proofed, designed, hammered out headlines and slapped up the final proof pages for the campus student newspaper.

Photo: Jim Sochor

Our toughest game

Retired football coach Jim Sochor tells how he used Chinese philosophy and a good plan to beat a formidable opponent at the University of Pacific in 1986.

Photo: Erin Loury

Auditioning for The Rocky Horror Show

Alum Erin Loury remembers how she abandoned the safety of her structured biology classes to take a chance on stage.

Photo: Chuck Cooper

Lesson learned in Dr. Nash’s Chem 5 class

Alum Charles Cooper mastered how to think under pressure and not to panic, thanks to a course in quantitative analysis taught by the legendary Charlie Nash.