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UC Davis Centennial
100 years of service, solutions, impact

Use our service clearinghouse

Community Service Resource Center connects campus members with the community at large to promote service through action.

Its philosophy is that by making service a part of their lives, people will build leadership, responsibility and moral judgment. Take advantage of the following services:

Location: 215 South Hall

Contact: or (530) 752-3813

A Centennial Year of Service

Check out how UC Davis gives back to the community

The three-part mission of UC Davis is about service to society: educating the next generation of citizens and leaders, discovering basic knowledge and practical inventions, and engaging the public in sharing solutions and resources.

Every day, UC Davis students, faculty, staff and friends embrace this mission in their work at the university and in their daily lives as community members.

Explore these pages to get a taste of the extraordinary efforts UC Davis community members make to be of service to our neighbors across the street and across the globe.

If you’re inspired to dedicate some of your time to service, large or small, please connect through following one of the links on this page, or participate in a service activity in your own community.

Please note, even though the centennial has passed, you can volunteer at UC Davis to make a difference.