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UC Davis Centennial
100 years of service, solutions, impact
Photo: Ryan Garcia provide care to animals as part of a larger outreach to the greater Sacramento community. (Debbie Aldridge/UC Davis photo)

During various community service days, veterinary students like Ryan Garcia provide care to animals as part of a larger outreach to the greater Sacramento community. (Debbie Aldridge/UC Davis photo)

Use our service clearinghouse

UC Davis Human Corps connects campus members with the community at large to promote service through action.

Its philosophy is that by making service a part of their lives, people will build leadership, responsibility and moral judgment. Take advantage of the following services:

Location: 215 South Hall

Contact: or (530) 752-3813

Animal health


Students from the School of Veterinary Medicine pitch in regularly on campus and beyond to contribute to animal health. Student organizations and individual students participate in projects aimed at raising awareness of health matters such as rabies, reducing pet overpopulation at spay-neuter events, and caring for feral cats, injured wildlife, shelter pets or other underserved animals.

The California Raptor Center

The California Raptor Center is dedicated to the veterinary care and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds of prey (raptors). The center’s museum and a permanent collection of living, nonreleasable raptors are open to the public on weekdays and Saturdays. Campus and community volunteers are welcome in both the rehabilitation and education programs.

Mercer Veterinary Clinic for the Homeless

The Mercer Veterinary Clinic for the Homeless, run by veterinary students, provides free care for animal companions of the homeless on the second Saturday of the month in Sacramento. Through the efforts of students, faculty members and community practitioners who donate their time and services, the clinic improves the lives of animals, helps reduce pet overpopulation and teaches veterinary students practical skills for clinical practice and client communication. Pre-veterinary students interested in volunteering should contact the UC Davis Vet Aide Club.

Veterinary Emergency Response Team, School of Veterinary Medicine

A trained team of faculty, staff and veterinary students from the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital can respond immediately to animal-related emergencies in declared disasters (through the Yolo County Office of Emergency Services) or in answer to other requests such as the rescue and care of hundreds of injured and dying sheep after a 2006 wildfire at a local ranch. The response team conducts regular training exercises, participates in disaster planning, and has experience with both large animal lift equipment and airlift operations. For more information, call the Large Animal Clinic: (530)752-0290.


Animal Care Service (Sacramento Department of Public Works)

Run by the city of Sacramento, this unit is in charge of code enforcement activities. Key services are rabies control, animal collection and redemption, animal adoption services, animal licensing and code enforcement, animal humane education, rabies, vaccinations and micro chip clinic, spay/neuter program, and the Partners for Pets volunteer program.

Yolo County Animal Shelter

This shelter houses lost or stray or unwanted animals of all types. Its Field Services unit provides enforcement of all animal related laws and ordinances, picks up stray or unwanted animals, transports injured strays for vet care, handles loose livestock and animal rescue. It also offers humane education in classrooms, adult groups and tours of the county facility. Volunteer opportunities are available for people who can handle animals and work around inmates.

Canine Companions for Independence

Founded 30 years ago in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Volunteers are crucial to the success of the breeding and puppy raising programs. The organization also relies on volunteers for fundraising, special events, campus tours, washing dogs and administrative assistance.

City of Sacramento Volunteer Referral Line

The city of Sacramento welcomes volunteers to help provide services and programs to its citizens. Volunteers provide assistance with animal care, gardening, tours, arts and crafts, child development, special events and much more. Some departments can utilize volunteers as young as 12, while others require the volunteer to be at least 18. Short-term and on-going opportunities are available. To contact, call (916) 875-6851.