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UC Davis Centennial
100 years of service, solutions, impact
Photo: UC Davis undergraduates can tutor at a local school through Davis Bridge. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo)

UC Davis undergraduates can tutor at a local school through Davis Bridge, a non-profit group dedicated to improving the academic achievement of low-income Davis students. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo)

Use our service clearinghouse

UC Davis Human Corps connects campus members with the community at large to promote service through action.

Its philosophy is that by making service a part of their lives, people will build leadership, responsibility and moral judgment. Take advantage of the following services:

Location: 215 South Hall

Contact: or (530) 752-3813

Arts and education

88 KEYS Foundation

Founded by Mondavi Center artist-in-resident and Arts Bridge Director Lara Downes, this non-profit is a matchmaker between unused pianos and public schools in need of a useful music instrument. 88 KEYS is a volunteer-run organization that relies on donor support for basic operating expenses. A number of pianos were donated in the Sacramento region this past year, but schools have requested pianos in areas from the Sierra Foothills to San Diego. 88 KEYS seeks people to volunteer for school or donor liaison, marketing and public relations, and fundraising. People can also simply make monetary donations. Contact John Cron, the foundation secretary at (530) 758-2299, or e-mail

Davis Bridge

Davis Bridge is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the academic achievement of low-income Davis students, particularly Latinos from Spanish-speaking households in grades K-12. Through volunteer efforts, the organization provides tutoring, computer access, school supplies and after-school snacks at two homework clubs. The homework clubs are staffed by bilingual UC Davis undergraduates, who provide academic support and are role models. Students should the Chicana/o Studies Program, (530) 752-2421, for information about volunteering.

Friends of Mondavi Center

The Friends of Mondavi Center is an active, donor-based volunteer organization that supports the activities of Mondavi Center presenting program. The mission of the group is to assist Mondavi Center with education, outreach, and audience development. Volunteer opportunities range from helping with the gift store, organizing the pre-performance lectures and going into the schools to give presentations about upcoming performances.

Mondavi Center ArtsBridge

Mondavi Center ArtsBridge integrates the resources of the Mondavi Center Professional Development program with UC Davis academic departments in service of our regions’ K-12 teachers and curricula. Our mission is to provide high quality arts education to K-12 schoolchildren, focusing on schools with diverse populations of English language learners who might best benefit from the cross-curricular vocabulary building impacts of arts instruction. This program offers school-based service learning opportunities for top university students in the performing arts, who volunteer in the schools. It also promotes and presents career pathways in the arts among university students.